Beauty is. It can’t be manufactured or bought. It’s already out there, waiting. We miss it. Constantly.

Beauty is revealed in moments and flashes, such as a flicker in your eye when you relax and ground yourself. Chasing moments we don’t see until they are memories - that’s what I do. I hunt for the best part of who you are, and I work to preserve it with my camera. Through conversation, that process starts before my shutter ever clicks.

To achieve this, we will work together to find settings that feel natural for you and excite your own aesthetic, I will take pictures, and we will be incredibly silly between takes. There is always a lot of laughter during my sessions no matter how serious the final images look. I want you to feel at home and to relax.


P.S. I'm dedicated to my own hopeless dorkitude and supporting yours. Read more about mine here.  


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