Beauty is. It can’t be manufactured or bought. It’s already out there, waiting. We miss it. Constantly.

Beauty is revealed in moments and flashes, such as a flicker in your eye when you relax and ground yourself. Chasing moments we don’t see until they are memories - that’s what I do. I hunt for the best part of who you are, and I work to preserve it with my camera. Through conversation, that process starts before my shutter ever clicks.

To achieve this, we will work together to find settings that feel natural for you and excite your own aesthetic, I will take pictures, and we will be incredibly silly between takes. There is always a lot of laughter during my sessions no matter how serious the final images look. I want you to feel at home and to relax.


P.S. I'm dedicated to my own hopeless dorkitude and supporting yours. Read more about mine here.  


Kind words


Since 2005, I've had the honor of working with some amazing clients. It's my privilege to document their stories and be a part of the most intimate moments in their lives. Here are some wonderful people who had kind words to say.


Matthew Mcconnell

If you want the most crystalline and perfectionist photos for your whatever event, go elsewhere. If you want photos that will evoke the passion, chaos and spontaneity of a real moment in your history, hire Natalie Lodico Bond. What she brings to her work is not merely professional but personal. Natalie is a huntress of the rare scene where your life lies hidden beneath the disheveled layers of your sock drawer, scared, wild and still breathing. She frames the same flower that sat on your mother's window the day you were born. She will find in your moments a sketch of some inconspicuous story, some distant summer thunder, and in its color there will be secrets you forgot about yourself too ancient to still have the audacity to be found again alone. In every age there is a mirror we hold up to nature. In ours it is not a mirror, but a camera lens and there is a hand that holds the camera and it is the hand of Natalie. Her lightning flashes and the world is transmuted and the life you will remember is made while the moment escapes like a quiet prayer. 

These are the terms of the pact. This is the Lodico Bond. Enter its binding in good will and do not fear your many crystalline glasses shattering, or your fingertips buzzing with electricity and your heart swelling like an emerald and searching vine. These are only side effects and sadly they do not always last.

Whitney, Bella, Joi, and Zeke (53).JPG

Whitney Wainright

Natalie was absolutely amazing! I have three children under the age of 7 and was in a new season of life. I knew I wanted outdoor pictures but needed her help with everything else from location to outfits. She was incredible and the pictures exceeded my expectations. They were real and "us" in every way. I told her my heart and she brought it to life. I'm so grateful and will be using Natalie from now on!


Mary underwood

Natalie did both of my children's engagement and wedding photography. We were so pleased with the results. She was very engaging and had our large family under control for painless group photos. She also went out of her way to accommodate their choice of location for their engagement photos. I loved receiving a disc of edited photos that I then had the freedom to reproduce in various media forms. I highly recommend Natalie for this special day.

Stacy (78).JPG

Kate stacy

I had a great time working with Natalie on two occasions and the shot were great! A few were formal and others more artistic. I love the natural quality of her work. She catches the moment not just the image. I am excited to have our first family shoot this fall!


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