Behind the Scenes with Cecilia Alfaro

This has been a year of unexpectedly connecting with kindred spirits. I was nervous driving to meet Cecilia that we'd be able to communicate our artistic visions clearly. It's so hard to be on the same page and mind meld with other people, especially in a few hours. But by the end of our lunch and location scouting session, I was blown away at how similar we thought about art and fashion styling. 

A week before our scheduled session time she texted me that it may rain, and would that be a problem. I responded that it wasn't for me. I love the way rain makes colors pop and the subtle moodiness it lends to the subtext of an image. She said she totally agreed, and we decided to have faith and continue. The day of the weather ranged from chilly to very warm, extremely windy, but no rain. I'm so excited about the Bronte meets American Gothic vibe of our shoot! See those images here. 

Here are a few candids of Cecilia Alfaro being incredibly thoughtful and innovative behind the scenes.