"Can you make me a tree with eyeballs?"


My senior year in college I was visiting some friends on campus and stopped to look at a collection of paintings taped to the dorm commons wall. My favorite was a tree with eyeballs growing out of each limb. It married a bunch of my favorite artistic themes in a simple water color on some sketch paper.

I exclaimed to no one in particular “Whelp, I guess I’m going to have to marry whoever painted this.” About six months later, now freshly dating my future husband, I found out he painted it.

week two (14).jpg

I have no idea where that original painting is, but I never lost my vivid memory of it. Whenever I thought of developing a logo, it came to mind, but I dismissed it as too out there to be relevant to my marketing needs.


Jessica Sturgeon is one of the first people I ever mentored in photography. She’s got a keen eye and flawless taste. She also really knows me.

It was so exciting seeing the projects she developed in college studying graphic design. Once she graduated and started producing magic in the real world, I realized I wanted to bottle a little of it for myself.

Once we started working on the logo, I threw inspirations at her that seemed contradictory (Beyonce, meets Versace, meets Alanis Morissette circa 1998 for example), and she completely captured and improved upon them.

She made my eyeball tree beautiful, commercial, and not too scary for marketing materials! I’m so deeply grateful and thunderstruck at how beautiful my branding is.  

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