Cecilia Alfaro Bridal Collection: Cassiopeia and Aster Spring 2018


I love love. Cassiopeia & Aster was inspired by my love for love and the undoubtedly true love I have seen through my parents. My whole life I have been in awe of my parents’ relationship and the truly deeply rooted love they have for each other. To this day, I continue to see their love grow and flourish. As I have always had a passion for bridal wear, I decided my first bridal collection needed to be inspired and named after the two individuals who made me believe in true love.

Growing up, my father would always take me and my siblings outside to look at the stars and teach us about all the constellations. My favorite was Cassiopeia, the proud queen who always boasted about her unparalleled beauty. I believe everybody should have the confidence of Cassiopeia, especially on their wedding day.

My mother has always loved flowers - planting them, growing them picking them, decorating with them. Her gardens were always filled with the most colorful, vibrant, blooming flowers. For years, the aster flower has been considered an enchanted flower, and one that symbolizes love and patience. Just like the aster flower, my parents have shown me how magical true love truly is.

After each garment was constructed and fitted to a specific model, the pieces were named after a Greek mythological god/goddess that best fits both the piece and the model the garment was designed for.

(left to right)

Alex : Eros (god of love)

Hannah : Maia (spring goddess)

Corinne : Theia (goddess of light)

Marge : Aurora (goddess of dawn)

Jordyne : Hera (goddess of goddesses, women, and marriage)

Madison : Aphrodite (goddess of love and beauty) 

Cassidy : Asteria (goddess of stars)

Ari : Iris (goddess of the rainbow)

Erika : Selene (goddess of the moon)

Jordyn : Rhea (goddess of motherhood)

Natalie Lodico