Wildflower Trust

Wildflower Trust is run by women just like me. They are ambitious, creative, business women in their mid-thirties who are also mom's working hard to make their dreams a reality, and just as hard to be present with their children. Mirandy Richardson owns Pure Laundry and Andrea Stout owns Paper Heart Design. Together they both co-own and operate Wildflower Trust and Mittenprints


Wildflower Trust features great designs with an inspiring message, but their most awesome feature is their commitment to donating half of their profits each month to a different nonprofit organization. They also love to do fundraisers! Which is how these photos came about. 

Annie and I both have kids that go Midland Christian School. It's a small but passionate multi-denominational community committed to equipping our children with the tools to have an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. Working with like minded companions on creative and helpful endevors is one of my favorite things, and I can't wait to do it again with with these lovely women!