Dinosaur Garden's Birthday Surprise for my Dad

We’ve never been able to completely surprise my Dad for his birthday. For his 40th he knew something was up and spent the day before doing tons of lawn maintenance just in case 40 people showed up the next day, and they did. We’ve blind folded him and driven him all around and he still figured out exactly where we were going. So when I saw an article about Dinosaur Gardens, I knew this was the thing that would genuinely surprise him, and I was right! We drove to a part of the state he wasn’t familiar with, and he was genuinely baffled and then increasingly delighted. I asked him to pose with each of the dinosaurs, and he said no, and then totally hammed it up! That’s when I got the idea for my Queen of the Dinosaurs shoots, and when I got home, I immediately started plotting.

MineNatalie Lodico