Queen of the Dinosaurs

It was 14 degrees and snowy. We wanted snow desperately! I’d been praying for it probably every day since the previous June. I barely slept the night before because I was so anxious about things going perfectly. My parents came with my model, Elizabeth Doerr, and me as support. I needed someone to take care of me in case I succumbed to the anxious artist and had a panic attack. I did not. My mother steamed all the clothes while we shot. My dad cleared snow off of the faces of the dinosaurs and drove us back and forth from our locations to the freezing gift shop we were using to stage everything. We shot from an hour after sunrise to half an hour before sunset. Elizabeth was a warrior, a total professional. And I had the most fun of my life.

Vintage Coat and Dress, circa 1950 and 1920. Dress is a silk crepe with hand painted flowers on the belt.

Vintage coat and dress circa 1970 and 1980. Coat is teal suede with fox fur color. Dress is made with gold sparkle synthetic magic. .

Model’s own H&M Coat and pants. Vintage chiffon shirt circa 1960.

Vintage wrap and dress circa 1890 and 1940. Wrap is velvet and fox. Dress is taffeta.

Model’s own Doc Martens, and vintage polyester dress circa 1960 and acetate belt circa 1980.

Vintage Pucci gown circa 1960.

Vintage gown circa 1970. Orange polyester and gold lamé.

Vintage polyester dress circa 1980.

Vintage polyester dress circa 1970 with acetate belt circa 1980.

Vintage cotton dress circa 1940, vintage suede and fox jacket circa 1970.

Creative direction and styling by Natalie Lodicobond.

Modeling and make-up by Elizabeth Doerr

Thanks to my parents Terry and Sandra Lodico for assisting with every detail of this shoot.

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