The "Why" Behind Phoenix Farm

This past weekend I got to visit Beth’s family farm. We had been on a marriage retreat in the area with our husbands, and dropped in to visit her grandmother on our way home. Here are some pictures I took (and one Beth took of me), with Beth’s own words about Phoenix Farm.

“The opportunity to start Phoenix Farm was something beautiful born out of the ashes of a challenging situation. Friends of ours sadly lost their house on a 30 acre property when it caught fire over a year ago. We asked to rent the property for recreational outdoor activities including hunting, but a large swath of cleared land among the woods caught our attention, and got us thinking about how we could also use the land to serve the community.” 

“I grew up with a large garden and growing a lot of the vegetables. The flavor of fresh picked vegetables grown in your own garden is hard to beat. This year I have gone back to my roots have begun trying to grow the vegetables we need for our family. Along with a desire to grow vegetables for my own family, my desire for everyone to have fresh local vegetables has developed. We learned this year that hunger is not a distant, theoretical problem but food insecurity affects one out of three people in Midland County who have trouble affording fresh produce. It is sad that the best food for our bodies is often considered a luxury, one that not all can afford.”

“So we teamed up with Midland Fresh--a mobile produce truck program that was started in 2017 to help distribute fresh healthy produce to high need areas in Midland County. As of now we have prepared and planted about 1/2 an acre area to help provide delicious, local, healthful, fresh vegetables and fruits to share with neighbors through Midland Fresh mobile farm stand.”

Natalie Lodico